Ya Tosiba is a young electronic duo that mixes old street poetry traditions from Azerbaijan with underground electronic beats. Zuzu Zakaria has a Master’s degree in Turkish Studies from Oslo University and actually went deep into the meykhana tradition as part of her thesis. Then she opted for Berlin as a base for her music, where she hooked up with Finish whiz kid Tatu and formed the duo Ya Tosiba. Tatu is the birth name of the skweee pioneer Mesak, here expanding his universe and establishing a new concept of pan-European club music. Their sound is inspired by arabic and persian classical music, hip hop and electronic traditions such as raw analog synthesizers, DIY elements and unpolished sounds, heavy electronic drum beats and modern r´n´b mixed with traditional eastern instruments and topped with a hypnotic female vocals.
Dj sets by Ya Tosiba include rhythms from distant and close East.

All songs by Ya Tosiba. Zuzu Zakaria: vocals, melodies, arrangements, rhythm programming, percussions, SH-7, Bisquit, Shruthi-1, editing of the tar and saz recordings of Jørgen Skjulstad (alias Center Of The Universe). Tatu Metsätähti: recordings, mixing, arrangements, rhythm programming (RYTM, Miami, Leploop, Kontakt, HR-16), percussions, modular synths, SH-7, JX-3P, Sammich SID, DX100, Microwave I, Minod Vorga, Dark Energy, 0-coast. Recorded in 2011-2016 in Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Kaarina, Portland, Istanbul and Baku. Mixed in Helsinki at Studio Ahmat in 2016.

“go with the ebb and flow as it leads you down darkly lit tunnels to the opium den in the bowels of the souks where there’s no way out and you don’t care. ” – Midwest Record Entertainment

“Musik aus der Zukunft, in der hoffentlich noch viele solche Platten auf uns warten” – Peter Gebert (hhv.de)

“…I cannot imagine it could so harmonious and somehow languid to my ears. Mesak’s awesome chiptunes and amazing funky basslines and the alternation of tangy and delicate vocals by Zuzu, which could surmise a strange hybrid between Meira Asher-like rugged style and Bollywood singers” – Chain D.L.K

Selected discography

2017, Ya Tosiba, Love Party, Asphalt Tango, Berlin
2015, Parallel Realities, Ya Tosiba remix, Center Of The Universe, Metronomicon Audio, Norway
2015 Ya Tosiba, Mollah the machine remixed, 7”, Pingipung, Hamburg
2014 Ya Tosiba, Mollah the machine, 7”, Pingipung, Hamburg
2013 Anti-futbol, Skweee! Compilation LP, Laton 2013, Vienna
2012 Vocals, Baku Hipster, Mouse on Mars, Monkey town, Berlin
2012 Vocals, Street light interference, Center of the Universe, Metronomicon Audio Oslo
2012 Ya Tosiba, Mad Barber, 12”, Harmonia, 2012, Helsinki

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Selected DJ mixes

Pingipung Podcast 48


Obkom Likbez

Rəp mix


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